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Our master NFL picks for Week 1 of 2022

NFL, It's football time child. Time to throw around the pigskin, fling the good old porkchop, lattice the iron, and score a few scores with Captain Leatherface. I know only one of those is something genuine individuals say, however darn it, I figure we ought to all take on "Chief Leatherface" as another moniker for a football.

Our week by week NFL master picks are back for 2022, and the stakes this season have never been higher. The SB group is joined this season by essayists from around our organization of group locales, digital recording hosts and association chiefs to bring the broadest gathering of pickers we've at any point had — and that additionally accompanies a few significant results.

Can we just be look at things objectively, picks are exhausting. You're here to see our thought process, shout at us for our awful choices, concur with the ones that line up with yours, and afterward move onto the following week. Of course, as the season advances our general rankings will let you know who is better at assessing impending matchups, however in 2022 we wanted to add a few ramifications for our disappointments and prize past gloating privileges for our triumphs.

Thus, as well as getting to reign over the remainder of the SB Nation staff, our picks victor will hold an extremely extraordinary control over our last spot master every week. The champ will get to compose a tweet that our failure MUST tweet out from their own Twitter account. Everybody will have their own arrangements for how they believe this should go down, yet by and by I'm thrilled with the likelihood that I (a stalwart Panthers fans) could compel Jeanna Thomas (a Falcon fan completely) to tweet out her adoration for the New Orleans Saints, befuddling and maddening the Atlanta unwavering — sorry Jeanna, love you.

We're actually settling on a finish of season reward/discipline, and all of us are ears. You're a piece of this picks interaction however much we are. It will be on you to share our humiliating tweets, signal supporting them to the moon to expand the aggravation they cause every week. On the off chance that you have an especially wicked thought for what the finish of-season failure ought to do — we'd very much want to hear it in the remarks.

Along these lines, how about we go NFL Week 1. Time to dismiss Captain Leatherface from that tee.