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How to make an account on Apple Store Platform

Have you recently bought a beautiful iPhone? So congratulations to you and now you are in the right place to make the most of your phone. Sure, you spend hours exploring the features and capabilities of your new phone, but in the end you find that you need to download a lot of apps or games, or even activate some features on your phone, which requires creating an Apple Store account, so in this article we will show you enough details about creating an Apple account and ways to create it.

What is App Store

The App Store is a famous platform, which we use for the app store platform, maintained and developed by Apple Inc on its iPadOS and iOS operating systems for mobile apps. App Store gives users the opportunity to download and browse apps developed on iPod Touch, or iPhone, or the iPad.

The App Store platform was opened Approximately on 2008, with more than 500 applications available. In 2017, the number of App Store users peaked 2.2 million, but it declined in the next years.

The App Store platform began strongly to remove 32-bit or old apps. Also, the App Store includes 1.8 million apps from 2021.

App Store Features

The App Store platform was a reliable and safe place to download and explore apps for more than a decade. App Store is not only platform, but it also innovative destination which interests in putting an amazing experiences at your mind. The Apple store is completely private, quality, and secure, and professional content creation. In addition, it aims to give us more than 200 program to take advantage of it.

How to make an account on Apple Store Platform

There are many different ways to make a new account on Apple Store by through following these steps:

_ Turn on the device to enter the required data and information on your personal account on the App Store platform, then click on the "Create a new account" icon.

_ Add your username and password.

_ Click on the "Create an Apple ID for Free" icon.

_ Enter personal information and details such as date of birth, name and identity of the person.

_ Select the email you want on iCloud.

_ Enter your email, then select the city you are in.

_ Choose 3 of the security questions to answer.

_ Agree to the terms and conditions, laws and privacy policy of the company that appears to you, then click Next.

How to unsubscribe from the App Store

There are many various ways to unsubscribe App Store platform, one of them like that:

_ Open the App Store.

_ Choose your profile.

_ Choose Manage Subscriptions.

_ Click on the subscription you don't need and choose Cancel Subscription.