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How to make a profit from YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is one of the world's most popular platforms established to watch high quality short videos that YouTube offers to followers. This platform also carries out a variety of tasks that we will mention during our website. Also, knowing how to profit from this platform.

What are YouTube Shorts

It is a global platform that gives people the opportunity to watch very short videos through the YouTube app. YouTube Shorts content is a lot like the basic YouTube service, but the difference between them is that YouTube Shorts is limited to short videos, but YouTube offers long-term videos. The platform garnered a wide range of views, which reached at least 5 trillion views.

YouTube Shorts is a platform used by many to communicate with the public through the use of Shorts camera and a smartphone in YouTube. Short videos can be created from the YouTube app by this platform, where the length of the video reaches 60 seconds, and no more with multi-segment cameras.

You can use various creation tools such as editing, capturing, adding music, adding text, control the speed of our footage, add animated text, edit videos, or much more through the YouTube service.

Shorts fans can watch, comment, share, subscribe to the channel, or dislike videos. The content of this platform does not disappear permanently because of its link to the global YouTube service, regardless of the video of other platforms that disappear quickly and cannot be consulted such as 
Snapchat Stories and Instagram


How to make and upload YouTube Shorts

There are many various ways to make YouTube Shorts, which are:

First: Download the YouTube Application.

To save everything in place, you can create Shorts on a global YouTube service that looks like a play that saves things without having to register on the app or download another app.

To register on the global YouTube app, the following steps can be followed:

_ log in to the App Store.

_ search for the YouTube app, then download it.

_ You can separate YouTube login or by using your Google login.

Second: Create a Yotube Shorts platform.

_ Tap the icon (+) on the app page button, then press "Short".

_ Tap the red button, which is the recording button that records a short video for up to 15 seconds, and if you want to stop recording click again.

_ Click "15" to record a 60-second video and make changes in the length of the video.

_ Browse the toolbar on the right side to add elements or sound effects that increase the beauty of the video.

These are some of the necessary instructions for using the YouTube Short platform

_ To switch camera display click Arrows.

_ Slow down or Speed up your video through the 1x button

_ To set the countdown press the clock to create videos without the need for hands.

_ Add filters through the three circles icon.

_ Add the retouching by pressing the magic wand.

_ To switch your background press the icon.

Tap on the sound icon to add sounds to your short video. You can add an audio track to your video before you start editing or recording.

_ Make a mistake.

Third: Edit and download your Short

_ When you finish registering, click the check mark to save your clip.

_ Then complete your platform by adding music pieces, scripts and filters.

_ If you want to expand your expertise into editing, click on the change timeline.

_ When you finish editing, click "Next" in the top right corner.

_ Add the details and choose whether you want the shot video to be private, or public.

_ Determine whether your video is child-friendly or age-restricted.

_ Click the download Short to post your video.

How to make a profit from YouTube Shorts

As an employer or creator of content, you might wonder "How can I make a profit from this platform?" Then, many brands and creators use YouTube to generate extra income. That's due to YouTube being the only platform that provides profit sharing for content creators.