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Kitty O’Neil: who was American stunt woman, what movies was she in

 The legendary Google Doodle honours Kitty O'Neil today, March 24, a deaf American stuntwoman and daredevil who was dubbed "the fastest woman in the world."

The fact that O'Neil would have turned 77 on this day is significant.

This is all there is to know.

Kitty O'Neil: Who was she?

American stuntman O'Neil has been deaf since he was a young child. She was born on March 24th, 1946 in Texas, and became deaf at the age of just a few months due to a multitude of childhood illnesses.

O'Neil admitted to contracting the measles and smallpox at the age of four months in a 1979 interview with the Washington Post. My fever killed the nerve since it was so high. My mum had me packed

 Before she turned two, when her mother began teaching her to read lips and speak, her parents were unaware that she had lost her hearing. Pasty Compton O'Neil, a native Cherokee who later trained as a speech therapist and helped establish a school for youngsters with hearing problems, is her mother.

O'Neil began her career as a competitive diver, but before the 1964 Olympic trials, she injured her wrist and developed spinal meningitis, cutting her Olympic dreams short. As a result of the spinal meningitis, which put her ability to walk in danger, she stopped diving and started participating in sports that would make her heart race.