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No Hard Feelings Is a Perfect Reintroduction to Jennifer Lawrence

In No Hurts, Jennifer Lawrence plays someone you've never seen in a game: herself. like.

Certainly, unlike Maddie, who she plays in No Hurts, the real Jennifer Lawrence isn't an Uber driver struggling to keep her Montauk home safe from tourists and taxpayers. She has an Oscar award. all is well

But Lawrence is not Katniss Everdeen, a lonely white teenage squirrel from Appalachia, or a widow competing in a ballroom dancing competition. In No Hard Feelings, nothing is more sinister than naked beach wrestling, and nothing even matches Oscar's tastes. Stripped of the special effects and glamorous prestige traps, we can finally see Lawrence again and remember why we loved her.

When Lawrence rose to fame on the A+Plus list in the 2010s, nothing beat TikTok for communication. But, of course, there were countless others who were with them. Her celebrity image was as compelling as her talent. Gorgeous young women in designer dresses, joking and frowning. She won an Oscar, but ate terrible food on the way to winning the award. She was a movie star, but affable and the kind of person that makes you wonder why she's so attractive.

But as Lawrence's profile grew, the roles she played onscreen seemed increasingly at odds with her silliness off screen. Jennifer Lawrence saves the world! Jennifer Lawrence flies into space! She was flooded with vintage make-up and costumes, and unimaginable tragedies and dilemmas fell upon her characters. And the movies that produced them, like Joy, Passengers, and Dark Phoenix, were more likely to be ignored or ridiculed than accepted.

On the one hand, this on-screen awkwardness began to make an impression on certain viewers, creating a feedback loop that Lawrence felt but couldn't get out of. "I've gotten to the point where I can't do anything right," Lawrence said in her 2021 Vanity Fair cover profile. "I walked the red carpet and they said, 'Why didn't you run away?'" "...I think I've spent most of my life pleasing people. I felt I couldn't get mad at you.I said, 'Well, we'll get mad.'Nobody gets mad. And I felt like I had reached a point where people weren't the only ones making me happy. So it seemed to me that a job or career could bring peace to your soul. "