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LeBron James and Joel Embiid Team Up to Launch New Media Company

 Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and Philadelphia 76ers quarterback Joel Embiid will become friends off the field as they prepare to launch a new media company.

For James, his production company's involvement in an upcoming Embiid documentary is just the latest effort to get the Lakers superstar into the media.

Embiid's development during his formative years in Cameroon helped him grow from a potential player to a 2023 NBA MVP.

His talent was first discovered during a basketball camp in 2011 by former basketball player Luc Mba-Ai Mutt, also from Cameroon. From there, Embiid went on to the University of Kansas and eventually to the 76ers.

Despite being the No. 3 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Embiid missed two straight seasons early in his career due to foot problems. Now that he's back in good health, he's proven why he's the center of attention.

Embiid has averaged a double-double over the past six seasons, most recently winning his second consecutive title. Last season, he won his first MVP award.

James knows all too well how exciting it is to receive such a prestigious award and how much fun it can be to deal with difficulties. He often spent his formative years in difficult conditions in Akron, Ohio, but was ultimately rewarded with being inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

During an astonishing 20-year career, James not only earned his well-deserved awards, but he also set new NBA records and won four championship rings.

Not only did James showcase his stellar basketball skills, he ended up working in media development. Since its inception, James' media company SpringHill has produced blockbusters and series.

Matchups involving the Lakers and 76ers inevitably have had James and Embiid going to battle against each other, with more struggles to come in the future. Yet, despite that competitive atmosphere, the two players appear to be on the same wavelength off the court.