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Artists are upset that ‘Secret Invasion’ used AI Art for opening credits

 Marvel's latest series, Secret Invasion, premiered today on Disney+, sparking backlash after it was confirmed that the opening episode was generated by an AI.

Secret Invasion director Ali Salim confirmed to Polygon that the opening credits were designed using artificial intelligence by visual effects company Method Studio.

Selim did not disclose which AI tools were used.

Method Studios did not immediately respond to TechCrunch for comment. I will update this story when I get a response.

But Slim spoke to Polygon about generative AI tools, admitting he "doesn't quite understand" how they work. He said the team feeds the system with "ideas, themes and words" and "goes ahead and does something." And if you can change that a little with words, it changes. "

Artists are increasingly concerned that AI creations are not only discrediting their work, but also threatening their livelihoods. Generative AI uses millions of images taken by real people to transform junk that previously took hours, days, months, or even years to create. Create mixed artwork.

For the multi-billion dollar studio Marvel, using artificial intelligence technology doesn't sound like a good idea. Especially since this particular opening scene is likely to be seen by millions of viewers.

To be fair, though, the first series of Secret Invasion is credited to a real artist. The end credits of the first episode mention AI art director, animator, visual effects art director, art director, and creative director.

However, several artists took to Twitter to voice their displeasure, including Jeff Simpson, who worked as a visual development concept artist on Secret Invasion.

"The premise of 'Secret Invasion' was made by AI," Simpson wrote, "I am devastated that AI is immoral, dangerous and aimed only at erasing artists' careers." I think I spent about half a year making this show and had an amazing experience working with some of the nicest people I've ever met..."

Some users have said they will boycott the new series.

AI has played a role in other Disney content, such as rejuvenating Harrison Ford in the new Indiana Jones movie, but this is the first time the technology has been used in a Marvel TV show.

Marvel has yet to publicly respond to this criticism.