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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Fans Shocked By Kraven The Hunter's Spider-Man Spinoff's 'Brutal' And 'Very Violent' Trailer

The first trailer for Marvel's Kraven the Hunter has been released, and viewers are shocked by the amount of violence in the series.

Kraven the Hunter stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Tenet) as Sergey Kravinov, aka Kraven the Hunter, the supervillain who appeared in Marvel Comics as an enemy of Spider-Man.

The film will be released by Sony Pictures and will be set in the same world as Venom (2018) and Morbius (2022).

The trailer provided the first introduction to Taylor Johnson's character and some of the film's supporting characters. Russell Crowe will play Father Craven in the film, co-starring Ariana DeBose (West Side Story), Fred Hechinger (White Lotus) and Alessandro Nivola (Amsterdam).

Kraven the Hunter will be directed by JC Chandor, director of the acclaimed 2013 crime drama The Most Violent Year.

After the trailer was posted online, fans shared their reactions on social media, with many commenting on the unexpected violence.

"Kraven the hunter is insane, stupid, and very cruel. I care," wrote one of them.

"A truly brutal and bloody trailer," wrote another. "I really liked the atmosphere of the trailer. The murders were gruesome and bloody, and I really liked the cast. Not too excited yet, but mildly excited. Great trailer." ”

Violent, bloody, hard comics? I fell! "By Yoko Higuchi. "The first trailer for the new Kraven the Hunter movie has been released and has piqued my curiosity.

"It's not a comic book story, but I love the atmosphere of it. I really hope it wows us in theaters."

While some are optimistic about the next film, they say they want Spider-Man to make a cameo.

One said, "The Craven movie looks a lot more violent than I expected." "I just hope Sony and Marvel do what they have to do and some older Spider-Man fights the bad guys."