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President Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell pleads guilty to destroying Georgia election
ka 19 October 2023
 Donald Trump's former lawyer Sidney Powell pleaded guilty to destroying the election in Georgia the day before his trial began. As part...
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Joe Biden warns Israel to avoid 9/11 ‘mistakes’
ka 18 October 2023
  US President Joe Biden has called on Israel not to be "drained" in anger over this month's deadly Hamas attacks to avoid rep...
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The House will vote to nominate Speaker Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House.
ka 17 October 2023
 House Republicans hope to end weeks of infighting and infighting on Tuesday to nominate Rep. Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, as the next Ho...
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Warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin to leave Russia as part of deal to end insurrection
ka 24 June 2023
 The Kremlin said it had dropped charges against Russian military leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, who had agreed to leave Russia for Belarus as pa...
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Former Texas Rep. Will Hurd announces presidential bid
ka 22 June 2023
 Former Texas Congressman Will Hurd announced on Thursday that he would be throwing himself into the ring for the 2024 Republican presidenti...
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Glenda Jackson, fearless actor and politician, dies aged 87
ka 15 June 2023
Glenda Jackson has died at her home in London at the age of 87 after a "short illness". Her agent, Lionel Lerner, said in a statem...
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President Trump pleads not guilty to classified documents case
ka 14 June 2023
Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to federal criminal charges that he kept top military secrets in his Mar-a-Lago ...
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Northern California is shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 6.4, leaving 70k people without power.
ka 20 December 2022
 Early on Tuesday, officials said, a powerful earthquake that residents described as "violent" struck a rural area of the Northern...
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   Henry Cavill, The Man Of Steel, Loses Superman Role
Ameera Nazmi Safi 15 December 2022
Henry Cavill, the man of steel, emphasized on Wednesday that he was ruled out from the next film. Inquiries have increased as to whether j...
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  Attempted assassination of former Pakistani PM, Imran Khan in Wazirabad
Ameera Nazmi Safi 03 November 2022
Imran Khan, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan had wounded and shot in his leg What happened with Imran Khan, the former Pakistani PM  Former...
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Traditions and spooky origins on the Day of the Dead…. How do you celebrate it?
Ameera Nazmi Safi 02 November 2022
In the moment: There is a big Day of the Dead celebration going on in certain parts and different ways of the world to give love to people w...
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 Lee Jihan, a K-Pop artist and actor, was one of many people killed in the Itaewon stampede.
Ameera Nazmi Safi 31 October 2022
Seoul confirmed the news of the death of famous actor and singer Lee Jihan in the huge crowd that took place in South Korea during the Hallo...
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Sovereign Elizabeth II has kicked the bucket
ka 08 September 2022
Sovereign Elizabeth II, the UK's longest-serving ruler, has kicked the bucket at Balmoral matured 96, subsequent to ruling for a conside...
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Bernard Shaw, long-term CNN anchor, has passed on at 82
ka 08 September 2022
Bernard Shaw, the CNN anchor who was a pillar for the organization for over 20 years, passed on Wednesday at age 82. In a proclamation, his ...
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 prince Charles Pays Tribute To His Mother In First Statement As Monarch
ka 08 September 2022
  Prince Charles   honored his mom Queen Elizabeth II in his most memorable articulation as ruler Thursday night. "The demise of my che...
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 Princess Diana told the world the best way to involve VIP for good
ka 31 August 2022
It's been precisely a long time since the passing of   Princess Diana  of Wales. Be that as it may, her tradition of activism and good c...
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WELLCOME to Social Hot News
ka 26 July 2022
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