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 The Barclays online banking and app breach caused chaos as customers were unable to access their bank accounts.
ka 17 October 2023
Thousands of Barclays customers have been unable to access their bank accounts due to problems using the Barclays Banking app. DownDetector ...
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Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg say they’re ready for a cage fight
ka 22 June 2023
 Business competition just isn't enough for two of tech's most powerful billionaires. Now Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg say they wan...
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Hamish Harding, Shahzadeh Daoud and Ibn Sulaiman: Who's on the Titanic?
ka 20 June 2023
 British adventurer Hamish Harding, a British businessman and his son who were on board the missing submarine dived towards the wreck of the...
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How to make a profit from YouTube Shorts
Ameera Nazmi Safi 23 December 2022
YouTube Shorts is one of the world's most popular platforms established to watch high quality short videos that YouTube offers to follo...
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Who is Judith Leyster, the Dutch painter honoured by Google Doodle?
ka 19 December 2022
Google Doodle is known for honoring and recognizing individuals who have contributed significantly to their fields in the past. Google gave ...
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Iforex Platform for trading instant CFDs.
Ameera Nazmi Safi 12 December 2022
Iforex is a special platform for trading instant CFDs. It is one of the platforms that contributes in cryptocurrencies, stocks and commoditi...
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Crude oil prices in the USA
Ameera Nazmi Safi 30 October 2022
Crude oil is one of necessary economic policies that is determined directly by demand and global supply. Also, it's one of the factors t...
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 How to make an account on Instagram
Ameera Nazmi Safi 29 October 2022
Have you ever registered with an Instagram account? Luckily, you can create an Instagram account on your mobile app for Android devices or m...
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How to make an account on Apple Store Platform
Ameera Nazmi Safi 26 October 2022
Have you recently bought a beautiful iPhone? So congratulations to you and now you are in the right place to make the most of your phone. Su...
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5 steps to create a new TikTok account
Ameera Nazmi Safi 16 October 2022
Do you have an account on Tik Tok? If not, don't worry because we will create a new account through the steps that we will mention on ou...
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11 Steps to create a new Gmail account
Ameera Nazmi Safi 30 September 2022
Forgot your Gmail password and thought of doing another Gmail? There are 12 steps to create a Gmail account. It's necessary to understan...
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 Apple dispatches the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8
ka 07 September 2022
Assuming you feel like you never turn away from your telephone, Apple's freshest iPhones are for you, with a consistently in plain view ...
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WELLCOME to Social Hot News
ka 26 July 2022
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