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11 Steps to create a new Gmail account

Forgot your Gmail password and thought of doing another Gmail? There are 12 steps to create a Gmail account. It's necessary to understand how these steps help you to Send and receive messages by using Gmail.

What is Gmail

Gmail is one of the most used websites around the world. We use Gmail accounts in Google services and products. Also, lf you want to create an account on Gmail, you need to sign into Google in order to create an account in an easy and simple way. Another thing is that you must provide your information to create an account, for example, your gender, birth date, name, location, social status and other things. So, complete with me to know the steps to create a new Gmail account.

How to create a Gmail account

To sign into Gmail or any product on Google like Google Drive, YouTube, Google play, you need to sign your password. Follow the steps to create a new account on Gmail:

_ Enter on Google account creation, then click on it.

_ Enter on sign-up form, then write your personal data.

_ Choose your username and password for your account, also you can use an email address.

_ Enter your password used above again to confirm.

_ Always we use 6 numbers or more with letters & symbols according to Google's instructions.

_ Tap on Next that is found on the right side of the screen.

_ Enter your phone number to check your account.

_ you will receive a message with a code from Google on your phone number.

_ Enter your DOB that is used in the specified fields on another page.

_ Select a Gender from the page, then tap on the specific word " Next".

_ Read and click on " agree" when Google services appear.

Congratulations! you create your account on Google, also you can enter to your account by writing your password and email