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How to make an account on Instagram

Have you ever registered with an Instagram account? Luckily, you can create an Instagram account on your mobile app for Android devices or mobile apps. So, this wikiHow will give you some information about how to create a new account on Instagram.

What is Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site for sharing pictures and videos that is created by the American business Meta Platforms. This application gives the users the opportunity for downloading media by organizing and using filters through geographical tagging and hashtags.

You can share your posts with followers or publicly. Also, you can follow and press other users for adding their own content directly to real personal feed. In addition, you can scan other followers' content by viewing trending content such as photos, location and tag.

Instagram platform was dignified by framing content in a square (1:1) to suit the iPhone screen width at that time.

What are Instagram features

Instagram is one of the most familiar sites on social media, and it has many feature which are:

_ It is used by millions all over the world, which makes it a very fertile place to attract the target audience, who are interested in many companies around the world to market their products and services through it.

_ Instagram allows the feature of sharing videos and photos with adding many

effects to them between users, which encouraged many companies to use it.

_ Creating promotional videos for it and introducing the audience to its products and services, which helped it achieve a very spread and increase the number of its followers tremendously.

How to make an account on Instagram

There are many steps to create an account on Instagram site, which are:

_ you have to download the application from Google Play Store or App Store.

_ Tap to open the application.

_ Sign up your phone number or your email to create a new account.

_ Enter your phone number or your email address and tap.

_ Tap "log in" to sign up with Facebook account.

_ Create password and username if you want to register with phone or email.

How To Create an Instagram Account on the Web

To create an account Instagram on the Web, Follow the stips which are:

_ you have to go to the Instagram account.

_ you have to click on this sentence "Sign up".

_ you have to enter all your details, for example, full name, mobile number, username, email address and password.

_ Hit "Sign up".

_ Add your birthday.

_ Click "Next".