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Traditions and spooky origins on the Day of the Dead…. How do you celebrate it?

In the moment: There is a big Day of the Dead celebration going on in certain parts and different ways of the world to give love to people who have passed away.

Day of the Dead is known, such as Día de los Muertos, which is compared to Happy Halloween because of sharing traditions and celebrations.

The festival is celebrated between October 31 or November 6 each year, however it depends on using local traditions.

The theme of Day of the Dead can be placed around death directly, but the idea of that is celebrating the person who died.

What is Day of the Dead

The tradition of this day goes back to Toltec, Aztec and other people, who made the mourning of the dead disrespectful because They viewed death as a richly woven element of life.

What are the traditions that surround Day of the Dead?

There are many various traditions that originally celebrated in Day of the Dead, which are:

_ To welcome ghosts back into the world of the living, people erect altars in their houses.

_ In addition, because of their potent scent, flowers like marigolds are used for the goal which is to decorate altars and serve as a guide for lost souls to return to their final resting place. Likewise, a lot of people clean the graves of their loved ones.

_ Additionally, the hues of the face and skull paints have distinct connotations. Because we are all created equal and Free under the sun, yellow stands for unity and sun. Pink denotes joy, and purple denotes the happiness that loved ones experience during a time of grieving.

_ Red represents the blood of life, while white represents the spirit and purity in the Day of the Dead.