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Childhood love ex-wife Barry Manilow talks

 Barry Manilow, now 79, talks about his marriage to Susan Dexler, 77, in his autobiography, The Dolce Vita: Adventures on the Way to Paradise. The couple were childhood sweethearts and started dating in high school but decided to call it quits after a year of marriage. In the book, Barry calls Susan "the perfect wife" and describes her as attractive, petite, with big legs and nature.

Barry Manilow

According to the book, their families were divided over whether or not to have a grand wedding, and one day the couple tied the knot at the township judge's office during lunch break. Manilow is said to have decided to end his marriage to pursue what he sees as his "big musical adventure," but the only thing he wants more than fame is for his ex to love him the way she loves him. her..

Susan Dexler never remarried, but had two children, Pauline and Daniel. In an interview with MailOnline, she said that she is a private individual and what happened between them is a long story. She told Barry that she was happy and didn't want to go back in time.

Barry married her longtime manager Gary Keefe in 2014. The couple got married in secret but announced it on their wedding anniversary in 2015. To honor his legacy, BBC Two is broadcasting a musical edition of "Barry Manilow on the BBC". The program features archive performances from Manilow, songs from concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and Blenheim, as well as Top of the Pops, Strictly Come Dancing and the Proms.