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Markéta Vondroušová beats Ons Jabeur to make Wimbledon history

Marketa Bondrusova has been winning at Wimbledon for the past two weeks, and the Czech also won Saturday's women's final, defeating favorite Onz Javel to become the first unseeded woman to win the prestigious event on Saturday..

In her second Grand Slam final, the 42nd in the world was shocked by the magnitude of her achievement as she defeated the sixth seeded 6-4, 6-4 on Center Court. I made a history of falling into..

Not since Serena Williams in 2018, when she was ranked 181st, has a player this low in the world rankings reached the Wimbledon final. The last woman outside the ranks to do so was Billie Jean King in 1963.

Vondrousova was in London as a tourist last year and was still recovering from surgery on her left wrist. And no one, not even the player herself, expected her to play in the final at Wimbledon, seven months after returning from a recent injury. Her husband stayed in the Czech Republic until the final race to take care of the team.. Cat, Frankie.

But Jabur, despite having several chances to dominate the match, struggled particularly and the unpredictability proved difficult to win, losing to the 24-year-old in this tournament. Became the 5th seed.

“Tennis is crazy,” said Von Dorsova, the junior seed runner-up at the 2019 French Open, in an on-court interview. "Yes, I don't know what's going on right now, but I'm fine."

Whichever finalist lifts the Venus Rosewater plate would go down in history, but the sheer size of the tournament has weighed heavily on Javer the hardest, as he has lost the Wimbledon final for the second year in a row. After suffering her biggest defeat, she said: It's a pain from her career.. It was also her third Grand Final elimination.

But that's what the pressure is for players, especially those who put their hopes not just on a country, but on a continent, and come to terms with their own expectations, dreams and past failures. Jabour once again came close to becoming the first Arab and African woman to win a major title, but her 31 unforced errors cost her dearly and her wait continues. The fact that she won only four out of ten fights probably weighed heavily on her mind for a while.

"I will not give up. I will come back stronger," she told the Central Court, wiping away tears.

Javert had plenty of chances, especially in the first set, but only scored two of his seven break points and made 17 unforced errors. If Mr. Bondrosova comes to power, she will regret this statistic.

The finalists traded breaks in the second and third games of the match to tie the score at 2-2 after a series of exciting and epic base battles. There were more breaks after that, with four breaks in the first seven games, the tension crept into the match and the tension increased.

Bondrosova, an unpredictable left-handed underdog with a subtle shift in tactics. She changed her pace and kept the ball spinning, eventually winning the first set and securing a tie break in the ninth game to complete the set.

The 28-year-old shook his head as he collapsed early in the second set as his opponent fought back six games in a row to take the lead.

The change in pace was unexpected, but Vondrosova has been plaguing her rivals over the past two weeks. When the next shot is unpredictable, questions start to arise in your head.

In tennis, however, things change quickly, and she came back to equalize when she was beaten 40–0 by Bondrosova's serve and Jabur seemed to be hanging off a cliff. Hope has been revived and the mood of the nation has improved a little. But it's only for a short time.

Jabur was unable to deliver a decisive blow to a player who did not give up and, more importantly, took full advantage of his opponent's tension by beating out Fondrosois while maintaining the unpredictable nature of the match.

The crowd cheered for the incredibly talented Tunisian Jabour, whose dream was to win the All England Club, but the cheering wasn't enough and Fondrosois broke down again at 4-4. I made a serve and secured a backhand. A famous and well-deserved victory.