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UK spy agency GCHQ reveals its Christmas challenge for children. Can you solve it?

GCHQ Christmas puzzle 2023

 What do secret codes and children have to do with Christmas?

Britain's biggest intelligence agency, GCHQ, has sent out its annual Christmas card containing a series of riddles aimed at Britain's youngest minds.

The group said in a statement Thursday that this year's challenge is "the most difficult yet." Children ages 11 to 18 will have to solve a series of seven "challenging puzzles" created by government agency experts to uncover the final message of the holiday season.

"Our puzzle designers have created challenges that can be solved by different ways of thinking. Whether you're an analyst, an engineer, or a creative person, there's a puzzle for everyone," she adds, equating this to "classmates, family, friends. "It's a puzzle that we try to solve together."

The puzzle is featured on her GCHQ Christmas card and can be downloaded.

The postcard depicts the agency's snow-covered Bletchley Park, where British cryptographers attempted to decipher messages sent by the Nazis during World War II. Among them was Alan Turing, who became famous for deciphering German encrypted messages sent using the Enigma machine.

Keast Butler added: "The history of GCHQ at Bletchley Park has been featured on this year's Christmas card, both as a reminder of the role this historic site played in wartime efforts and as the venue for this year's AI Security Summit. "It has been featured in the media," he added.

Each of the seven puzzles has her one word answer, followed by the word "Christmas." The puzzle solver must decide which letters to place on the grid to get the final answer.

The puzzle answers will be published on her GCHQ website on Friday at 7am local time (2am ET).

The agency, currently based in Cheltenham, England, encourages children to band together to increase their chances of solving puzzles that test different skills.