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James Martin: TV chef reveals cancer diagnosis, after being warned about behaviour

 This follows reports that the host was asked to change his attitude at work after ITV received complaints about the treatment of its production staff.

In a series of tweets, he described the end of 2017 as "one of the toughest and most difficult times of my life."

"Like I did at the time, I would like to apologize to the crew involved in the accident," he said.

During the production of 2018's James Martin's Saturday Morning, the star went berserk when the sewers at his house clogged on the set of the show.

The 51-year-old, who has claimed responsibility for the damage, and his production company, Blue Marlin, said in a joint statement earlier this week that they had "agreed to learn a lesson."

In a new statement posted on Twitter, Martin said he was diagnosed with cancer around the time of the hospital discharge incident, adding that he had "come back several times" from surgeries that required "regular care".

He also dealt with his grandfather's death and house robbery.

"I was in a very emotional state because of all this stress, and after filming in early January 2018, I was very upset when I found out that my house had been flooded during filming," he said. writing.

"All I can say is that I am also human and subject to the pressures of my private life."

"I admit I overreacted to the damage done to my home," he added.

Reports of his abuse of production staff surfaced earlier this week after new complaints were filed with ITV about his behavior on another recent show.

Martin was accused in May of "reprimanding people" and "making them cry in front of other actors" while filming a Spanish adventure show, according to Deadline.

An ITV spokesperson has previously said that "the public and their well-being" is a "top priority".

"Following complaints received in May from members of the Blue Marlin production team regarding the filming of James Martin's Spanish Adventure, we have reached out to Blue Marlin to discuss and raise these concerns. I understand how the issue was resolved and what action was taken.

“As a result, we provided Blue Marlin with a set of implementation recommendations as soon as possible, shared best practices for some of our employee benefits procedures, and replicated our Supplier Code of Conduct.”