google-site-verification=0bx1QYafX4YUxAV2RLbOiDD2WzOMRAju_YMPZqdCR1E The House will vote to nominate Speaker Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House.

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The House will vote to nominate Speaker Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House.

 House Republicans hope to end weeks of infighting and infighting on Tuesday to nominate Rep. Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, as the next House speaker.

Jordan spent the hours before the vote continuing his high-profile campaign to convince 217 Republicans to support him. Jordan and his allies have spent the past few days trying to convince skeptics that they can act like a bombshell outsider to lead a divided party in the upcoming election year.

"The American people deserve Congress and the House of Representatives to work," Jordan told reporters Monday night at the Capitol. "We can't achieve this until we reach Megaphone."

Republicans held their last closed-door meeting Monday night before voting on members to express their frustrations, complaints and questions to Jordan. Despite the pressure on the members to elect a leader and move forward, many were not convinced that Jordan was the right person to lead their party.

Jordan can only lose a few Republicans to gain an advantage. Jordan's aides said they expected it to fall short of the first vote and move to a second ballot. More ballots may be needed, but Jordan's allies hope the popular vote will force party members to line up.

Jordan has the support of former President Trump, and many see his presidential vote as a test of the party's public loyalty.

Rep. Don Bacon, R-Neb., told reporters Tuesday that he plans to vote for ousted former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, saying it is "unacceptable" to choose members of the minority caucus from the majority.

In the year Bacon, who represents a district won by President Biden in 2020, expressed concern that fellow Republicans are "not playing by the rules."